Building theoretical knowledge is the first necessary step at laying the foundation on which social actions would spring up.  This is because knowledge is power.  And with knowledge come skills for social analysis and the capacity to plan and implement projects.  Peace World is exposing the children to these realities early on in life, which will stand them in good stead in the future.  Hence, our mandate includes: reading, writing, questioning, dreaming, story-telling, building team spirit and networking as contained in our Opening Session.

In addition, there are a range of activities that are presented to the children through which they are able to make the transition from theory to practice.

Here are some of our activities beginning at the personal level:

  • Always help to tone down an argument at home or at school
  • Share with your siblings and with your friends
  • Put litter in trash can and recycle when you can
  • Make posters/ cards about Peace; send them to Care Homes, Hospitals, Prisons
  • Learn more about various witnesses to Peace (e.g. winners of Nobel Peace Prize); interview your parents
  • Write a poem, a song, a rap about Peace (forgiveness, friendship, patriotism, love)
  • Watch the news and identify conflict areas of the world: find out what is causing the problem and what is being done to stop it
  • Watch/ read the news/ documentaries and learn more about global issues
  • Raise awareness about important global issues through drama or a display of art work in your school
  • Write a letter of thanks/ encouragement to those serving overseas in the Armed Forces, Missionaries, Aid Agencies (such as Medecins Sans Frontieres)
  • Plant/ tend a community/ school/ Church garden
  • Plan ahead to celebrate International Day of Peace (21 September), and other internationally recognised days
  • Learn about non-violence Movements (Pax Christi for example)
  • Undertake excursions (for instance to the CAFOD office in London)
  • Connect with other like-minded organizations anywhere in the world
  • Study abroad if you can.


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